Paula Megija Kārkliņa is a mixed media artist from Riga, Latvia currently based in Amsterdam.

Having grown up in Latvia during a period of transitions, the artist often draws the bases of her artistic practice from personal relationships and landscapes in her surroundings. Building an experimental narrative on collective memory and consciousness. The cause, the action and the result.

By manipulating and changing different textures and materials, focusing on their sensory aspects, Kārkliņa challenges the dynamics between the space, memory and the viewer, making the works become a method for analysing the cognitive processes. While adamantly physical, they remain easily vulnerable to the possibility of being destroyed but have the potential to grow into something completely new.


Jana Rozentala art High school, Riga, Latvia — high school diploma, 2015 - 2019 July

Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands — bachelor, 2019 - 2023 July



Audiovisual curator, Optižuns, Riga, Latvia  — 2022 - present


Cranberry juice publication, Amsterdam, The Netherlands — 2022

Threshold, Eindhoven , D.M Zēģele, Eindhoven The Netherlands — 2023 

Selection of Art shows

4k2019, Riga central market, Riga, Latvia — 2019

ON, NEVERNEVERLAND, Amsterdam, The Netherlands — 2021

Migrācija, Tallinas ielas kvartāls, Riga, Latvia — 2021

Oceanic Imaginaries, Stedelijk museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands — 2022