“Reprogramming “
Installation view 

The smell of the trees around me, makes me confused. Squinting my eyes and letting myself sink into the memory of my nose, I could recall a late evening in which I passed through a park in Riga.

It cannot be, however, because the loud Dutch paddlers and the contact of the rolling tyre with the stones on the ground are throwing me back into reality. A new reality.
The smells and flavors that have been stacked in my memory pockets, are now constantly audited and rearranged.

Our scent is attached to space and time. At which point we have stored the smell of our house, mom or lilac ? Incense now belong to my Indian neighbors, who burn it while listening to Bollywood in the evenings. There is a constant smell of canal water around me. The lilac is no longer a bush that will mean spring to me because it blossoms by my flat so quickly and disappears as fast as I can blow out my nose from the pollen. all these smells have been layered and stored until they have to be reorganized again.

shown in “Migracija” at Tallinas ielas kvartāls

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